Naturally Protected

The spring area, a naturally protected site

Where does Wattwiller mineral water come from?


Everything starts with the rain, and above all, the snow. This precipitation seeps into the ground and then penetrates down into the depths of the rock’s cracks and fissures. Then, the water picks up mineral trace elements according to the terrain it passes through, and emerges naturally at the surface after its long underground journey (as shown in the film).

It is this journey through rocks and earth that endows Wattwiller with its low mineral content, free of any nitrates and very low in salt (sodium).


Wattwiller preserves its unique patrimony


A spring can only claim to be pure if its catchment basin receiving the precipitation – known as an impluvium – is entirely protected. Human activities can influence and negatively affect the underground cycle, concerning either water penetration into the ground or its resurgences. Unfortunately these impacts are usually very numerous; use of fertilizers (nitrates) and pesticides, discharge of waste water, etc. The Wattwiller mineral water is protected naturally. The spring area where it emerges is in the heart of the Ballons des Vosges Nature Park. This former spa facility is a protected area covering more than 60 hectares. In addition, a thick natural layer of clay protects the catchment area, acting as a shield against external factors.

Finally, to avoid harming this exceptional natural heritage, we only use a small fraction of the renewable part of the aquifer, in order to protect such a precious resource.



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